Current Available Positions

Project Superintendent

Minimum 3 years experience managing large multi-family drywall projects. Must be experienced in blueprint reading, have strong paperwork communication skills, and fluent in English and Spanish. Must be interested in adopting Company policies to deliver highest quality drywall installations to customers. Includes lucrative salary, housing allowance, health and 401K benefits.

Please send resumes as attachments to jobs at our company.

“From a purchasing standpoint, dealing with Pacific West Wallboard has been delightful. Whenever our company has had a specification change or needed option pricing, Leo Worthen has always provided pricing in a speedy fashion. Communication between all departments has proved to be very beneficial, be it finance, contractual, pricing or field questions. Pacific West Wallboard are true trade partners and Tanamera Homes looks forward to future business.”

Paula Lawson
Director of Purchasing
Tanamera Homes